Knock CGI scene. by Andrew Walsh

CGI and design for Knock Shrine, Knock, Mayo. The theme was faith&family. Taking the family idea of a shepherd and his flock combined with biblical figures to create a surreal look. Finally got round to beveling type too!!

Shrine CGI.

Ray Forkan Art, Logotype. by Andrew Walsh

Logotype for Ray Forkan, Irish based Artist. Traditional subject matter called for a traditional look. Also, this talented craftsman is, after all...Irish. The idea of ancient writings and marks inspired this identity, using an off-centre layout and stamp outline that has something of a mythical feel...(basically it looks older!!). Take a look at Ray's work here

Van Decals & Signage. by Andrew Walsh

Van signage for Electrical Contractor. No big phone numbers here. no sir. Logo is king and the brand is the message. The idea is here is to establish a strong visual connection to the logo which is styled to echo hand signed american logotypes of the 30's.

van signage.